The Bioethical and Therapeutic Dimensions of Faith and Science
Alba Iulia
May, 13-15, 2024

Political Theology & the Morality of Politics

The political attribute is touching upon a sensitive part of contemporary collective consciousness, for which reason it has already been the subject of numerous debates. The entire Hellenic thinking sides with a partnership between the objectiveness of reason towards naturalism and the moral code of the State, in other words, its finality becomes double: empirical, but at the same time also ethical. From this perspective, the doctrines pertaining to the application field of that partnership have regarded the polis, the matrix of the future, as a moral organism rather than one obeying the laws of biological evolution. That moral coordinate was to influence first the evolution of Judaic political philosophy, and later, of Christian political philosophy.

We are inviting you to debates on the formulation of the contents of Christian political philosophy (political theology, religious politics), the topicalization of these contents by relating them to a given political context, definitions, principles, hazards, in an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach. We are going to try to find answers to questions such as: Is there a political theology? Are we talking about the clericalisation of politics or the politizarea of the ecclesial space? To what extent the dogmatic consciousness of the Church is manifesting continuity or discontinuity in the process of structuring a morality of the polis? Might the theological justification of a political system be, perhaps, a finality of political theology?

We are submitting these challenges for your reflection and we are waiting for you in order to share together the results of research.