The Bioethical and Therapeutic Dimensions of Faith and Science
Alba Iulia
May, 13-15, 2024

Political culture & Religious culture

Are we living in a Christian environment, whose culture is structurally and fundamentally Christian? Moreover, Christian European culture has been exported to non-Christian environments; the world’s social and administrative policies must – sometimes involuntarily, and even, maybe, unconsciously – take into account the Evangelical principles. Love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, equality, are values which have long passed into collective consciousness, and we are taking them for granted and making use of them without asking ourselves any more Who has generated them.

We wish, within this meeting, to raise for discussion topics which should bring more light on issues and questions such as: To what extent has Christian religious culture influenced the temporary political models? May we speak of a transformation/altering of Christian cultural models under the pressure (influence) of political currents? Does the cohabitation/collaboration model of the various history-validated political doctrines have any relevance within the inter-religious dialogue? May the cohesion model – proposed by political systems – be reconciled with that of communion – proposed by the Church? Which are the cultural aspects/topics that the Church can successfully propose to the political environment, independently of the latter’s own line? Are there any research methods within the sphere of religious culture that the laicized political environment may be willing to adopt, independently of the assumed doctrine? If the foundation of our culture is Christian, how is it possible that we allow ourselves to witness the chronicization, multiplication and aggravation of social problems? Which could be the elements of maximum importance for the Church within a cultural dialogue of a simfonic/ harmonic type with the laic (though perhaps not quite laicized or laicist) State?

We hope that these questions are suficiently provocative for you to wish to give an answer within our scientific meeting on May 14-16th, in Alba Iulia.